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Bucklands Beach YC Single handed series

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From the latest BBYC Newsletter:

The BJ Tyres single handed race weekend starts with the Waiheke Classic to Orapui and on Sunday is the return race.  There will be a bbq and refreshments on the beach.  Please note there will be an amendment to the sailing instructions as navy buoy is at present not there.  This will be forwarded by email to those that have entered.

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No one has posted after the weekends race yet... So i ll start it off.

Firstly thanks to BBYC for this years race, to me it just seemed to be better run somehow?... maybe it was the nicer beach to bbq on?

the race down was in a nice breeze 10-15 NE, lightning off towards the end a little, real oracle conditions tight reaching as she is a stiff boat.

I just concentrated on covering and keeping the apparent wind going, even managed to cook noodles for lunch and eat it sitting on the rail, while reaching over my shoulder pushing buttons to adjust the autohelm. result was

a win online and winning on handicap in a fleet of 18 solo yachts. 

After anchoring up i must of felt boyed up after the good result and went for a swim and put on a new anode on the strut. As mentioned bbq was good (great food) with good company to chat to aswell, though chriss binning was in fine form with many drinks already inside him. 

race home was forecast for 10 NE with rain patches. we started just as a rain/wind front passed over and i wass et up with big blue kite for the start but chickened out and just poled out the jib. half way to passage rock the wind settled down to 10 N again so up went the big blue kite, but too late as there was 4 boats infront of me with kites up from the start. i played catch up from there on, rounding passage it was tight reaching for big blue kite but held it nicely for about 3/4 hour gaining most of the 5  minutes i lost off the start but running lower than everybody else, then the next wind/rain increase came through and i opted to drop the big kite and went back to No.1 jib. headed up to get back above rum line. stayed like this for about half an hour till well above rum line, the wind settled again to 10 N so hoisted small kite this time and headed back down a little direct to browns island. inthe mean time Heaven n hell had run low in the wind increases and but managed somehow to head up from way low just before browns island and clear the beacon some how? so he ran his kite from start to finish. fantastic, just not Oracle's conditions kite reaching, in the end it was heaven n hell out front by a margin then the next 4 yachts bunched with Oracle a close 5th online and 5th on handicap. thanks for the competition, this makes the event. and bbyc for running it again.

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Race 1 - Cheeky port start but lucked out and got a lane but was pushed up by the big Moody and had to tack up to clear air - nicely laid Brown's and got the boat moving well 'till the wind died near Passage. Oracle, HnH, Infarred, and the Moody all clear ahead but then got passed by Cool Change and Bondi Tram and Bandicoot in the lights.


Party - thanks Kev, BJ Tyres, Cool Change for the food and ruckus, much fun.


Race 2 - Bit late to the line but had kite pulling well and worked into third after dead run to round Passage Rock. Little Zilch was in 2nd and it took forever to get around Carey. Then reached the kite home for a 2nd on line out of 18, which, in a Ross 830 in a fleet with three 88's, two 930's, Oracle, a friggin' Moody, Cool Change, a Farr 1104 etc etc OUGHTTA PAY, but didn't. Felt good nonetheless. Carey deserved his h/c victory!


Two wonderful sails with a great bunch... Next up in the Hauraki Singlehanded Series is the singlehanded Route 66. Can't wait!

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