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Oil Analysis recommendation

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Hey folks!


i am currently in the islands and in the late stages of a boat purchase (survey continuing tomorrow, sea trial the next day...)


Im in 2 minds about getting the surveyor to take oil samples and send them off to Europe for analysis (at 100 € per engine).

i'm not too sure how beneficial it will be at this stage, and it will be tricky to include the unknown future results into any final negotiations.


However, i think there may be benefit in just collect samples and bring them back to new zealand with me next week.


So can anyone recommend somewhere in Akl (or elsewhere) that could provide useful information based on oil analysis of a pair of Yanmar engines?

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ShellCheck are pretty good as are Caterpillar. Be aware that they are more useful as a trend monitoring thing as against a one off state of the engine report. So much depends on how and where the sample is taken, engine temp etc. I have guys take regular samples then I take samples myself from the same enigine and the results can often vary considerably.

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Thx pwederell.


ShellCheck are very hard to find. Lord Google doesn't know of them, and whitepages.co.nz doesn't know of them.

I found some kind of reference here: http://www.orica.co.nz/?page=38, but the following link goes to a website that is down... and their global site here http://www.shell.com/global/products-services/solutions-for-businesses/marine-products/services/rla.html#textwithimage_10 shows they have a lab in Aus (buut not NZ).


I've emailed Cat and tried to contact a guy I know there.

I've emailed Whiting last night.

I'll try calling them while Im crawling over the boat today.

One of the questions i've asked is about the specific paramaters - temp / volume / etc...


Anyone know what i should expect in terms of cost? A bit less than €100 per engine im guessing.



I know they are more useful for trending, but am I correct that they could point to a catastrophic show stopping issue also? ie. something that wouldn't be evident during a sea trial?

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I had an engine survey completed before I bought my 1020 and the mechanic recommended an oil sample be taken as a precaution. The report came back with a warning on a bunch of unwanted particles including copper. From this I was able to negotiate a waranty on the motor that I ended up claiming on resulting in a complete engine rebuild.


The report was written by a crowd called wear check. I can't recall what it cost but in the long run it saved me over $15K.

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Shell Check was/is a service Shell Oil provided but it may have changed names now. We were a very big client of theirs and paid $35 per sample including pre-paid courier envelop. Where in the islands are you buying?

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