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Spinning handwheel on gas regulator

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I took the aluminium gas bottle off the boat for refilling.


The plastic handwheel that is part of the regulator assembly turns around and around (clockwise) but clicks over and doesn't turn the male brass fitting it is attached to.


It seems like the brass has seized inside the thread of the gas bottle and the attachment of the handwheel to the brass may have broken.


There's not enough space to get multigrips or vise-grips onto the thread between the plastic handwheel and the bottle.


Before I hacksaw off the plastic handwheel so that I can get some tools onto the brass, does anyone have any other suggestions?


pic attached.

gas bottle handwheel prob.jpg

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Usually that plastic hand-wheel slips to the side to reveal a brass hex nut. If it doesn't, break it off and use a spanner on the hex nut... If I remember correctly, this is a LEFT HAND THREAD!! so it is backwards to what you think - you are not trying the wrong dir are you??

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Yep, knew it was left hand (clockwise to release).


Got the visegrips onto the plastic and muscled it off to reveal not a hex nut but a dimpled surface I could get multigrips onto.

It's off now and I'll hunt around for an O-ring.


Thanks for the hint!!

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