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Henri Lloyd vs Musto wet weather gear

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Currently looking at getting a new set of wet weather gear for coastal/offshore racing (My current set of Musto's is just for harbour racing). I've been looking online and it seems that the Musto HPX and Henri Lloyd Elite Offshore are about equivelant. Does anyone know which set of gear would be the better? Or have any other recomendations?

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Would not buy HPX or any other big name brand.

Search out a decent commercial fisherman's supply outlet.

Plenty online and buy local.


Ok so you are not going to look like a designer w^&#$@r Volvo sailor but your wallet and your body will appreciate spending less and being warm and dry.

Commercial gear is light and durable.

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Bought musto drysuit from UK
HPX Ocean Drysuit SH1604 -small size
Bought from Neil Alford over internet and phone
he emailed me 21 Sept 2009 saying dispatched
£995, the cost of sending this to you via UPS is an additional £65 which includes insurance up to £1000.

Advantage is complete seal with rubber neck, wrists and ankles. I've tested in pool at Survival at Sea course and floated happily (though my sea boots sank). You could last a few days in this I reckon and you can inflate from the outside with a blower like the inflatable PDFs.

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