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Ports Expansion

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Northland Port Corporation (NZ) Limited / Marsden Maritime Holdings Limited ("MMH") part owns North Port

 - Northland Regional council - 53.6%

 - POAL - 19.9%


North Port:

- Marsden Maritime Holdings Limited 50%

- PoTL 50%


North Tugz

- POAL 50%

- North Port 50%

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Was a very good protest rally today, calm atmosphere with a number of good speeches. Most impressive flotilla, very difficult to count but the Herald said 300 boats which seems about right, could have been up to 500, definatly several hundred. A wide range of boats from large launches, fizz nasties, top shelf racers, classics, classic cruisers, modern cruisers, the Riverhead ferry, peidies, magic 25s, a couple in a dory with a NO sign, some kayakers, mint as gin palace, you name it, it was out there, a very broad cross section of boaties and water users.


Jacinda Adern had a very good speech, she read out a private email from POAL to her, which was them criticising a press release she made. The short answer is they were factually wrong, but we're trying bluff and bullshit to try and shut her up. POAL's privat email was basically commical.


I'll see if I can work out how to post photos...

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Dominion post said 100. I watched on TV. looked about 80 I counted. Some where racing. On shore 500 approx.


Well you need to improve your counting skills as I was in amongst them all. There was over 200 easily. No boats there were racing. There was way more than 500 on the wharf. The number of boats was far more than I was expecting to see. All the local clubs had teams out there, good to see.


There was a good 100-150 people watching from the stern of the cruise ship, most probably in wonder of the show Akl put on just for them.



Disappointed with the small yacht that referred to Len Brown Flush sign .Would have had more impact if the word Council and ports of Auckland.

We thought that boat was magnificent. It had a dunny strapped on the bow and a big sign saying 'If it's Brown flush it down'. Len Brown is the lieing piece of sh*t that is saying he can't stop the PoA making the harbour 150mts skinnier with this extension. He deserves to be rogered by a rabid Possum more than most do so to go at him is 100% correct and acceptable. The rest of the council who back him need to be visited by the same possum.



Chris Dickson statement the" harbour is at present dangerous with tide rips and whirl pools". So the RNYS are starting races on dangerous harbour waters.


Yes as do many other clubs, they have no choice and will still have none when the Council make it even worse. Wait until the PoL finish all their extensions, they haven't even finished the last large harbour grab. In theory, assuming you're stupid enough to observe all the wank wank 'can't come in her' signs everywhere, once the PoL finish all their extensions the navigable harbour will be down to 500 odd meters wide. If you measure original shoreline to original shoreline you'll find it was 2000 meters wide. We have lost 1500mts, 3/4, 75% of the width of the harbour already, that's done n dusted.


Where will it stop? Will it ever stop?


BUT, I was given a very interesting and contrary point of view yesterday. This fine bloke said he reckoned it was a good idea and good for yachting in Akl. His theory is the upper harbour (bridge to container wharf) is already rooted for sailing due to narrowness, increased tidal flow speeds etc from all the existing crap in the harbour, so why not let the Council fill it in. That way that area will be totally 100% rooted for sailing. That means all the clubs will have to start down Orakei way meaning a far better sailing area for all races. As one who's over the tide ridden yellow buoy, wharf ridden ditch I can relate to that.


But I'm still against the extension as it will only mean more and more grab and my kids will grow up next to a small sh*t filled creek that's surrounded by cast off japanese cars.

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AM good to hear you took the time to watch it on TV and then to post about it on here.

It was really refreshing to see so many people out standing up for something they feel important, with real boat names in the public arena, rather than our imaginary names and inconsequential posts on here...


Each one of those boats on the water and people on the wharf are standing up to be counted, regardless of if there were 80 or 500.

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Talk about being over the top.


You state there was 100 to 150 watching from a cruiser ship. Hell -  there was probably 800,000 watching the news item on TV . So they all automatically become protesters do they?


I have watched many races and it appeared there was no danger. The RNZYS has never made a public statement that it is dangerous. They start many races close by opposite the club race to ponsonby wharf then to Mechanics bay to the start line hugging the wharfs. Even watched Cris Dickson during the match racing series one year that was held there and Russel Coutts with Peter Montgomery as compare and the entire RNZYS car park with hospitality tents. Have race that area myself all size vessels numerous times on a paul whiting reator 25 and at no time was the vessel or crew ever looked like being at risk.


If it was that dangerous the harbour master would declare the area as a no racing zone and ACC would also be negotiating with all the yacht clubs.


Perhaps with your statements plus  Chris Dickson's statements they take them as fact and ban racing and sailing for that part on the harbour totally.


Your posting does a disservice to the protest movement.

You really need to learn to read.


Nowhere did I even try to suggest the cruise ship watchers were protesters. Where you go that from I hate to think.


Yes there are rips and whirlpools up there, they are obvious to anyone not legally blind. A lot are more than likely caused by the increased tidal flows from a harbour that's been narrowed. Narrow it further and they will change, maybe for the better but probably not. Yes we all boat in them knowing parts of that area are nasty so we avoid them and take other actions to minimise risk. Exactly the same as you do when you cross a road.


The ACC negotiate with the Clubs? They don't even negotiate with themselves so only a raving nutter would think they would negotiate with any of the YC's. Are you a raving nutter?

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Interesting the overfalls and whirlpools bit, around the bridge on the springs can be a bit swirly, Kauri Point can be bouncy and definitely the confluence west of Meola can be exciting in 40 kts against a strong tide but I havent seen a whirlpool in the Waitemata, anyone care to elaborate?

What Chris Dickson actually said was as a young kid, he used to sail dinghies in the harbour, now it is too dangerous to do that, being to let kids sail small boats in the area around the wharfs and general vicinity. He also made comment of other water users, being paddle boarders, not being able to get around the extended container wharf, as the currents are too strong, and there are rips and eddies etc.


The area along Tamaki Drive / Judges bay is popular with various water users other than just yatchies, being waka ima, paddle boarders, kayakers etc, but that is full blocked now by the extended container terminal there by the Marine Rescue Centre. The tide fair rips around there now, this is affecting the utility, I.e. The usability of the water adjacent to and either side of the container terminal.


There appears to be some taking out of context of this part of his speech, but I beleive it is fairly self fulfilling in that a lot of people don't understand how the present wharf extensions have changed the tides and currents there, because the wharf areas are not a pleasant place to be now, everyone stays away from those areas and don't see just what impact they are making.


As a case in point, if we ever have to go around North Head and track up the harbour towards West Haven, we always stay well over on the Devo side, the wharf side is just not a nice place to be, big ship movements, strong tidal currents, in a recreational boat I don't want to head into a heavy industry area, but that heavy industry area is in the heart of the harbour, and encroaching further into that harbour.

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On National radio yesterday, Mike Williams stated that the port in Los Angeles handles one third of all imports into the US.

It's footprint is roughly the same size as Auckland's port. Surely that's an indication of how inefficient the use of the port land is.

Williams said the main difference between the two ports is that nothing stays at the port in LA. It is railed or trucked straight out.


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This is where you find your local body councillor




 tell em what you think.

 I only used the word megalomaniacs twice, and the phrase 'underhand and opaque' once.


 To my regret , I left Machiavelli out. Someone else might like to use that in an email.


 Because these guys are carried away with power , are ruthless, and they need to be reined in.

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I can't argue whether you are right or wrong as I have never been to Los Angeles Sundreamer. However I have always found Williams to be a fairly measured commentator. The interview on RNZ is worth listening to as both commentators on the left and right were singing from the same songsheet, which, to me anyway, implies this protest has major traction. Manapouri revisited?

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I listened to Hosking and his studio mate scoffing at the protest or issue yesterday morning on the radio. He is in a position of power himself , with his profile, and he's  mocking people on national radio who don't think 'progress' at any cost is the way to go.

 Then he went onto an" interview" with a Ports PR guy  who is at some other place, at some other time no doubt, answering pre arranged questions with a smoothly false patter leaving me thinking POA are  baby kissers ,tree huggers and the answer to all the problems in the free world, instead of the ruthless bunch they actually are. 


Butter and teflon ran out of the radio.

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 anyone care to elaborate?

Don't go near the pylons in full tidal flow. It gets swirly whirly in some spots.



It's not a biggie but does happen. As that lieing piece of sh*t Len Brown continually makes us ratepayers pay for spin doctors who make a massive mountain out of tiny mole hills in a effort to back up his wasteful and dumbarse projects it's 100% valid for the likes of Chris Dickson to 'suggest' a thing, that does actually happen, maybe a bit bigger than it actually is in support of a worthy cause such as this one.

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