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E7.9 Crew wanted BBYC winter series

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Elliott 7.9 Moving Violation is looking for applicants to serve on busy, complicated bow during BBYC winter series.

The successful applicant will need to fulfil the following criteria:


1) Understand all commands issues in Swahili, Spanish and Afrikaans

2) Be able to respond to all commands with multi-syllable grunts and "F**** You" clearly enunciated.

3) Enjoy the challenge of last minute calls for spinnaker/gennaker/code zero.

4) Not be old & fat (we have enough of those).

5) Be over 18 and enjoy top shelf liquor products, if under 18 enjoy Red Bull and it's derivatives.

6) Fail one or more of the following: Credit Check, operating TV remote, Interpretive Dance, Career Ladder Climbing or Personal Grooming.


Applicants should txt 021 626 800 to initiate interview process.





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When does this start? I'm old person sailing to Tonga soon. Hitching back mid June. 

Keen to try some of this racing stuff. Love rope play. Getting all tied up on the bow. 
I can definitely get some spinnakers to fill.

Ja? Ya? Click?


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