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Nutcase heading our way

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I have been following the adventures of Rimas Meleshyus , a Russian American who has grandiose plans to sail around the world via Cape Horn in a $500 24" boat, that I personally would not sail across Wellington Harbour on a Calm Day.


There is an extensive thread over at SA, which has the usual Rubbish that one finds in threads over there.





and his FaceBook page makes rather scary reading.




If he manages to get away from Pago Pago and drift a few hundred miles south, he ends up in our S&R Zone.


How can something so manifestly unsafe be allowed to leave a Harbour?

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Look on the bright side, he's doing something he thinks is do-able, so far it has been, I'm not sure, but I doubt that he has an epirb, so if that's the case, the only one at risk is himself. We are all different, whats crazy to you maybe Ho Hum to him. Rather like the guy that got kicked out of NZ a couple of years ago (into a storm) by overstaying his visa and having a boat that didn't fit the expectations of others. He turns out to be one of the developers of open CPN and is now up in SE asia. He just had a different way of doing stuff. ;-) :thumbup:

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I had a look at the facebook photos and not sure I understand your concern. Other than being smaller than usual, what so unseaworthy about his boat?

Really? you looked at the photos and could not see a cause for concern in either the boat or his abilities, or have I just been trolled?  

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who remembers back in mid 70s,the sea egg,theory was it could roll over and over like a egg and come upright,left nz and never heard of again.

Does he plan on coming to nz?


remember the guy in the dove,24ft but never went south,stayed up in tropical zones,and proved it can be done using sense.

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Latitude 38 has an article with Rimas saying he isn't going any further on his present journey, boat is for sale. quite a bit of criticism from people who have supported him, re lack of maintenance etc. He is apparently going back to California to buy a boat better suited to offshore sailing.

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