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Fuel Catalyst - Used it?

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A catalyst is something that speeds up a chemical reaction. But it is not consumed in the process.
A chemical reaction, most especially oxidation, produces heat. A catalyst usually needs to be pre heated till ot reaches it's reaction temperature and then the reaction continues to produce the heat in the which the catalyst uses to increase the reaction. in the case of Hydrocarbons, one particular Catalyst I use in a cracking situation, has a trigger heat point over 400degC. The temperature then rises on it's own as the catalyst works. The catalytic converter in a Cars exhaust can be tested if ot is working properly, simply by measuring the Exhaust temp entering, which could be a few hundred degree's and the temp of the exhaust exiting the Cat converter, which is often a hundred degrees or mpre higher.
So basically, a Cat converter in the Fuel tank or line is a myth.
       Another myth is a Magnet in the Fuel line. Stay well away from those De Bug, De Mag and whatever other name they are sold under. I got my hands on two unit's and I have carried out extensive testing with both. They do absolutely nothing. A complete waste of time and money. In fact, all it consists of, is an aluminium filter body with two (and I hear the latest model is using 3) Ferrite donut shaped magnets, that you woud find on the magnet structure of a Loudspeaker transducer. A couple o plastic spacers direct the fuel in through one and out around the other and then exits the filter body. It DOES NOT filter anything. It DOES NOT kill Bacteria or Algae in the Fuel.
Another advertising claim I have seen re magnets in Fuel lines ( not the names above) is that it causes the Molecules or Atoms (can't remember which) to be aligned so they vaporise better or something along those lines. Also COMPLETE BOLLOCKS.

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