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Rocna without rollbar

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:D I thought you'd like that one. Assorted reports on it's performance but it suffered a issue with the UV breaking down the bubble part which is plastic. It never really took off.


A bit the same with the Boss as well, it's never got any real traction either. Some do have issue with it's shank and think it'll bend to easily, some don't like the size as they are MASSIVE for their weight and they do hang low in the bow so can have issues in big waves. Performance reports are mixed but generally OK to pretty good. I think it suffered a bit from being released at a time when new ones were popping up each week which was also at the end of the Anchor war when many were just over anchors. Also the lack of marketing in huge way in a time when one or 2 competitors were going hard out with some very big budgets.


Now erice in our world of weird looking anchors tour what about the XYZ anchor, I'm sure you'll like that one as well. It is a left field one for sure but it has some brilliant performance reports..... even if they only apply in a very small set of circumstances, outside those I think the technical word for it is 'Crap!'.

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very star wars!


in continual development


check out the versions with replaceable serrated teeth plates...




instead of a hoop it seems to use a big horn?


to prevent it landing upside down


they say it is the strongest anchor in the world


others say it never set...



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That ones been thru a few changes as well. Most anchors evolve after the first come out. Some for performance some for cost and some just because the manufacturer thinks it's a good idea, which it isn't always.


I've chatted to 2 boats with the XYZ and they are both very happy users...but they did say only in specific bottom types. Most aren't huge fans, to say the least. I think this is another that suffers the 'It just looks wrong' syndrome, which coincidently the Spade did as well in it's early days. People just wouldn't buy it as it looked so different from the main players of the day being the old school plow style like CQR and Delta.


OK erice here's a very serious contender for a damn good bit of kit and one I'm sure you'll enjoy. Next in our tour of anchors is the Wemar Tandem. I just got some for a suss, I am impressed with the cunning. Yet to put them to the test but they should work well looking at there lines. 

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a spade and a plough


strung out on the sea floor


but nestled together on the bow roller


seems overkill


but for the boat that has everything


would be hard to beat for holding + setting


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That's an interesting beast I thought you'd like. You can deploy it as a single smaller anchor or one big anchor (both stay locked as one) or in tandem like the vid, that is rather smart.


I was expecting a bit a bitsie or fiddly and a locking mechanism that was a horror show waiting to happen but after having a hands on they are well made and clever in their simplicity. Had a quick play and all looks very good. I think I like them.


Can say my eyes are as eagle as yours Steve but when I went for a play we just use std short link and it was fine. The locking gizmo had no problem with it.


When I get to the office I see if I've got another bit of vid you'll like.

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Good question and thinking there fella. Hunt those loop holes :D

I'd say you could argue it does as each can be deployed in their own right... BUT, isn't there always, if I was a safety inspector I think I'd want to see both set up separately and if they were in tandem mode I'd call it one anchor.


Can't find the video. Put a new server in and now can't find bugger all after we fine tuned everything.

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