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Who knew the racing had started?

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6 foiling 45s would be cool to see.

pity it costs $8 to view the racing.


Screw you russell


Is that correct?!?!


I just assumed it would be streaming free on Youtube and i was looking forward to watching it this weekend, but if Ruthel is clipping the ticket that wont be happening

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i cant figure it out, its all too hard.

but no youtube. some crappy ap AC+

lots of bitching at sailing anarchy. My guess is not many viewers for the events if charging. wonder what the sponsors think?

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How awesome was Glenn Ashby giving Spittal a class legal king post! LOL




How to watch details here but it does look like you'll need to download the app and then buy "the event" for $8 - yeah nah!


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The actual racing of 45' wing sailed foiling catamarans is pretty entertaining.


It's all the associated political and commercial rubbish that's somewhat tiring

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First race for points is early hours tomorrow morning, 12:30 am start - forecast for plenty of breeze it's going to be great. ETNZ did well in the practice with a 3 & 1 & BAR looked strongest - plenty of interest for us in the other teams too. We & the general public need to show we are keen & interested in a positive way, so one of our networks buy's the rights to the future events, or we suck it up & pay the app fee fair enough.

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