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Akl City looking for public donations

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to rebuild this they say.



As a emailer to me said

Hmmm, why do I get a little voice in my head making that hand over mouth coughing sound that comes out sounding similar to the word Bullshit.

With Lennys & Co's track record I can only but agree with the scepticism. And again the council seem to think anything is a good idea and will work....... as long as you put a cafe in it.


Personally I'd like to see the yard up and running doing some old school stuff as well as teaching it but with the Councils record why would anyone put money into something the council may decide next week it now doesn't like.


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Could end up something like the IYRS in Newport RI.






Doing projects like this restoration of Coronet.




Sent a couple of hours walking thru the place a couple of years ago, interesting.

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It would be great if it did Sloop........ but that whole Viaduct area is a political football and the council see it as a cash cow so there would have to be some heavy unbustable reassurance that if VOS's yard was rebuilt it would have a long term future. If that happened then I'd stump up with a few bucks, as I'm sure many would.


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