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Wanted - Wind Vane Self Steering 44ft Yacht

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i'll be in rotorua over this weekend so i'll find an excuse to get over there 


what rum would you like?


can't seem to send you a pm (may need to clear out the old ones?)


but maybe you can send me a pm with mobile number so we can work out a time and place closer to the date?

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I have an old Navik windvane if you are interested, could be had for a bottle of something.

Came with my old Cav 36 but was never used needs a repair to the Rudder I think. Let me know if you are interested.

It has just been taking up space for the last 6 years.

Similar to this one http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f137/for-sale-navic-wind-vane-800-a-30834.html

Hi Willow,


I appreciate the offer but not quote what I am looking.


Thanks again.


Regards Anthony

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Back in the day when the Around Alone race used to come here I became good friends with Robin Davie - who did that race 3 times I think.

If there is any doubt about how good and durable wind vane systems can be have a look at his comment contained in this link


I may have screwed the link up...

You got to remember that neither a wind vane nor AP system is the solution if your sail plan is over powering the rudders ability to make the vessel hold course.

The boat is telling you something when staggering sideways on her ear, and if you aren't listening, she will make you uncomfortable.

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One of the simplest servo type wind vanes that seems to tick most boxes (simplicity) is the CapeHorn especially as you can has inboard ( in the Lazarette ) way of connecting the tiller pilot to it. Though I guess you would need a remote for the pilot.

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Hi Steve,


Yes I have started to think the cape horn is a better option than the monitor as it is way less intrusive to mount on the transom and there is a lot less moving parts on the outside of the hull to get damaged/ripped off.  It is also cheaper and does have the added advantage as you pointed out of using a tiller pilot in light winds.


It is quite a lot cheaper then the monitor as well particulaly as I need to fit a swing gate in order to mount the monitor.  My only question is will the CH suite a boat like mine i.e. reasonably quick with a very large spade rudder.


Regards Anthony

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If you are interested in the CapeHorn, flick them an email with the Fars Specs etc, i'm sure they would come back with a recommendation as to which size if any would work for you.

Some thought as to where you expect to spend the majority of your cruising will be relevant as well. Most yachts sailing in the lower latitudes suffer from lack of wind rather than too much. Of course passagemaking makes up a very small portion of cruising boats use. A light weight tiller pilot will work well for coastal work, or no wind situations, but you would need a remote control to operate it from the deck.

I like the CapeHorn for its simplicity and its ability to be offset, as I have transom mounted rudder. I imagine it would be possible one way or another to connect the pilot quadrant lines directly to the rudder quadrant. A clutch / disconnect would have to be incorporated though for when you are not using the pilot.

I am currently using a trim tab system that is based on several different designs that i'm still working on, probably up to about MK 4 version by now.

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Monitor gets my vote.

I have one, just not fitted (yet) - they seem very strongly made and look like they could take a pounding.


On the Scanmar web site they note Garhauer NZ as the local agent,so support and advice available here, and I also see they have developed a pivoting, centrally located system. The body of vane located on c/l (behind the rudder) but able to be swung out of the way like a door. Not sure I like that

but they have more experience than most with these things I would guess.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Monitor, built like a brick shithouse, that is my biggest reservation, as like the Aries the support frame is large and centralised, of course it depends what shape your stern is. Monitor has a hinge type that can be swung aside to allow access to the swim ladder, scoop etc.etc. more SS tube though = more expense etc. The capeHorn is much more compact yet sufficiently strong enough to safely circumnavigate.

All of the commercial brands of servo pendlum type vane pilots are variations of the same thing. the theory and method of transmitting from the vane to the servo rudder is the same for all, with minor variations from each designer. you pays your money you take your choice, any one of them will do the job.

Of the Separate additional rudder trim tab units, the AutoHelm also by Scanmar works as well as any designed to date. and can also work well on a trim tab attached to the main rudder. just remember to carry spare cables!

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the windpilot pacific 


is also an excellent, highly developed, minimal wind vane self-steering system


 on trademe recently 


windpilot pacific.jpg


and if anyone here bought the windpilot pacific light 


that came off my boat last year for $700


for their project boat


i'll buy it back for that


or swap it for an atoms + navik wind vane!


(it would simply bolt on the mount left behind on my boat)

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right now on trademe


3 aries ($430?, $1000?, $1900?).............................43'?


and a new-oldstock hydrovane $8000...............   to 42'?

Nice one erice I had not spotted the hydrovane on TM and that is the model I have now decided on - shame about the starting bid of $8K though!

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Hey Erice - did u get the vane that Willow was offering ? Assuming you did could u let me know what model it is. I have a mate who has an old Plastimo Navik A77 and we think its missing a vital bit.

If you do have it and it is an A77 some pictures of the top end of the hydrovane assembly (where it connects windvane arm) would be really helpful.

I'd PM u but it doesn't seem to work, not sure if there is an issue with your message box..


If it wasn't you but the person who did obtain it reads this,  can you mystery buyer, please reply instead?

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have it and it is an A77 plastimo


complete but needs; new rudder, vane repair and alloy welding of the rocker casting


the all important linkages are all there, will get some pics up soon


you and/or your friend welcome to come round to study it if pics not enough


the black plastic L linkage between the stainless 90degree arm (on the vane base) and the stainless finger?  that works the trimtab (at head of servo paddle) is sold by mister.vee 




if you right click and save the lower pic of the assembly and then open it on your computer you should get a pic large enough to see the complete linkage

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