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2015 Crew.org Rum Race

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I'm fast running out of space

At present I've got less loa in m than crew

Maybe I could go loa x beam to get max crew limit

15.3 x 4.9 = heaps

I'm all good



What was the theme again this year ?

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Hi all!!!


I know I have been silent for a while, been a busy bee at Norths and a bit on boat.


Great news is I got my residency finally! Haven't had a chance to get a proper celebration in yet! 


Anyone keen on taking me on as a passenger?? Sorry for late notice, did not think I was going to be able to make it and now I can! :-)


Please text or call me 0211706138



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Agreed! fantastic sailing out there.


A great way to find out what is and isn't bolted down. We had quite a few minor failures, mostly caused by lack of prep time on my part. Which is why we had the small jib on, although once we got past north head we weren't doing too badly.


The reach back from Saltworks was magic :) We don't have a log, but it was FAST, full on apparent wind stuff. And a lot nicer than the beating we took, um, beating out. and then a nice relaxing jaunt back up to the finish, when all the kids decided to surface from the hulls.


'twas cool to see Black Panther, Taeping and Sundreamer powering along, even if they caught us far too early on. Or in the case of BP, got further in front!


One of our guys got quite a few photos, if I can get them I'll upload them.

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Did anyone get any good photos on the night? Things were a little hectic on our boat, but I was would love to see some others!


And do we have a list of results? I know we were at the back, but would like to see if my predictions were correct

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