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10.6m Trimaran Dragon For Sale

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This is the perfect opportunity to own one of New Zealand’s fastest yachts. Dragon is a competitive and exhillerating boat to sail, regularly seeing boat speeds over 20Knts and genuinely capable of reaching 30knts. She hosts a number of unique innovations such as hydraulic canting mast, asymetric radial lifing foils that have proven to be successful improvements. Think mini Orma60. 

Dragon has recently had an extensive no expense spared total rebuild that has made this boat virtually brand new. The complete rebuild was done professionally and finished by John Hughes, arguably New Zealand’s best multihull boat builder.  

The boat and rebuild has cost around $200k. 

Some Basics: 
• 10.65 x 7.5m trimaran, freshly painted. 
• 14.5m wing carbon mast including new halyards and Code 0 halyard lock. 
• Curved asymetric lifting foils 
• Hydraulic canting rig  
• New extensive sail wardrobe 
• New 8hp Yamaha High Trust Long Shaft outboard 
• New wave piercing reverse bow shape outer hulls, from fore-beam forward ( 4m ) in carbon foam and E-glass 
• New Main hull from 100mm above waterline down in carbon, nomex and foam 
• Boat professionally rebuilt (2013) 
• New cockpit and internal bulkheads / subfloors in carbon nomex and foam 
• New main hull rudder  
• Aft 3m of main hull new in carbon and foam 
• Carbon bow sprit 
• Brand new wiring, LED lights 
• Interior finished in clear finish carbon. 

Share options may be considered. If you are interested please call/email Jeremy on 021 2438 288/jeremy@fluidwoodproducts.co.n­z 
Youtube Video

Dragon 14CC 265.jpg

forward looking back interior.jpg

current mooring.jpg

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