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BJ Tyres weekend away

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Yup Krakatoa just entered (Pogo 40).

you know you want to smithy. - Im gutted i have to miss this one, had planned on doing it, until the HWC at home blew up and i now have 17 sqm of flooring thats wetter than wheatbix... Yay.


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Just a note to any of the SoloIQ guys, can you let us know if your not planning on coming, just so we can arrange catering - Smithy, even more reason to join - you can leave the dishes at home...

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Costra Nostra..


Imagine wont be there Sat  alas.. But will motor down Sunday morning do do the race back..  There seem to be varying times for the start, but im figuring if im there at 0930 i should be good.


Have fun on the beach all, especially my competitors in no extras - drink up boys and girls !


Anyone else just going down sunday to do race back ?

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What an awesome event. Shame about the breeze, but the beach BBQ and Breakfast was outstanding. Good blokes, good humour and a hell of a lot of effort put in with the catering. No-one went hungry (or thirsty) and Appleton's Rum spot prizes.. WTF? :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup: 

Thanks to BJ tyres for a superb effort. Next tyres from them for sure. Thanks to all the organisers, BBYC and Co. (Never good with names, sorry). And even though it was pretty much all light weather, I'm buggered!! Need a few days to recover. Cheers all, Smithy and Marshall Law.

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Wild won't be there...

Owner/skipper (and general fuckwit) enjoying Central America.

Although, being away from the boat for this long is creating some anxiety issues...

I was chatting to Ray about 2230 on Friday about to leave for Waiheke on the kid's boat when I suddenly thought "..was I supposed to race tomorrow??"  I decided that was a no.  


Wild! took a 3rd last Wednesday in your absence though... :-)

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Another great weekend event. Not a lot of wind but plenty of sun. BJ Tyres do an amazing job as the hosts and the solo IQ fleet brings their distinctive shirts to the beach party as well as their finely tuned beach party skills. Roll on the Night Race to Kawau in two(and a bit) weeks time.

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