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Available to crew Sail Fiji

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Hi Guys


If anyone out there is looking for crew for Sail Fiji, I'd be very keen to join a boat and would be more than happy doing the delivery back as well. I have posted on the Sail Fiji available crew page but figured I'd spread the word here too.


I have over 9000 coastal, offshore and bluewater miles of racing and deliveries (including Fiji, Campbell Island and a good chunk of the NZ coast). I compete regularly with RPNYC around the cans, Cook Strait and offshore, including Central Triangle 2015. I have Advanced Sea Survival (2012), Coastal Marine Medic (2012) & Outdoor first aid refresher (May 2015). Trim is my most regular spot but am comfortable slotting in anywhere from trim to bow to helm to galley.
I am regular crew on The Guarantee (Ross 1066) normally based out of Wellington. I recently helped deliver her to Westhaven so we can come and play among the Auckland fleet. We are hoping to do Auckland-Tauranga at the end of March (still to confirm) so there may be an opportunity to say "hi" if you're competing there. 
As I am based in Wellington it's a little harder to make myself known when most of the boats are based further north. I would expect to make a trip to introduce myself and come for a trial sail before Fiji if you think I might be a good fit.
More than happy to provide additional detail or answer any questions, and I'm sure I'll be able to hustle up reference or two, if you send me a PM.
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Auckland-Tauranga on The Guarantee is happening. Drop me a PM and I can come and say g'day pre or post race.


It's also looking likely that I'll be up for the ANZAC 250 next month.


If you're still not sure about entering, needing crew or whether to take on a relative unknown I'm happy to come and introduce myself without any expectation.

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