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SSANZ Safety at Sea Triple Series

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132 entries for the Baltic 50

10 to 15 kt westerlies

The scene couldn't be set better for the climax to this series


Don't forget your fenders and rum glass for the after match

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Did the last 2 races and had a blast - thanks SANZ and sponsors. First time I have entered the series and taken the little trailer sailer out in these conditions.Learnt a heap and we'll be back next year. Thanks also to my crew and supporters.

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Really pleasant conditions including the aftermatch at Issy Bay, not sure what time i crashed but it was early and didn't know a thing until 5 in the morning. Beat the rain and wind back to Tauranga with a pleasant downwind slide in 15 knots of breeze to get all tied up by 11 p.m

Thanks SSANZ committee, the photographers and videographers.

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Prizegivings is coming fast, ticket sales close on the 16th, 3 days away

Book your complimentary tickets here http://ssanz.co.nz/events/index.html?id=152 two tickets for each series entry


Extra tickets can be purchased here http://ssanz.co.nz/events/index.html?id=150


If you don't get your tickets online you will not be able to attend, we need numbers to arrange catering.


See you there

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