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New winches...

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So, I've been made a pretty good offer on Andersen 28ST FS and Andersen 40ST FS winches, but only those models... I mean we're talking 35-40% off the best other price here. Apparently it pays to go on vacation to Copenhagen..


I won't be needing them for about another 18 months, but,


Question is, on a 40ft light disp. boat with 29m2 foretriangle and 38m2 main, how would you size your cabin top and main winches? I mean, I don't want to end up needing a serious gym routine to be able to go sailing.


Primaries for the genoa/spi etc. will have to be 50s I think. - but no special deals on those at the moment...

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He have 40's for primaries (Harken, don't get Harken, wish we'd got the Andersons in the first place) they work fine, when its a bit blow you have to use both hands to get the sail in the last little bit obviously.

Boat is 37 ft - 6 ton with a similar sized head sail, maybe slightly bigger for our #1

J is 4.8, LP 6.4, so I think the #1 is around 40 m2

Foretriangle = 31 m2

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As a FYI - In NZ a 28 Self tailing 2 speed full stainless will set you back upwards of $1150.00 inc gst, a 40 self tailing 2 speed stainless $1400 inc gst.

Well that is the first time I have ever seen anything the same price in the Country it is made as it is way across the world here in NZ.

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Yep, the 28 is going out out at equiv. 1028NZD

40 for 1291NZD

48 for 1938NZD


So a tad better than NZ price. Which I have to agree with Wheels, seems that NZ prices for imported goods might be on the backward ??


maybe I'll grab the 48 as well, but I have to think a bit more about deck/cockpit layout

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Hi my genoa is 31 m and I have Harken 48.2 thats two sizes up from what the harken book says and I can get away with a smaller winch handle most days but definitely wouldn't go smaller. But really I think Harken winches have been  disappointing.

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Matt from Hurricane Rigging in Wellington is the importer. 





I have put the Grinder 40 onto my 1020 and am loving them. It is so wrong how fast the rope comes out of the winch. The videos do not do it justice. I have just ordered the compacts for the cabin top so will be interesting to see how they go for SSANZ.

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OK, as cool as the Grinders are, I've gone with the Andersen 4x40ST and 2x48ST. Bargains is bargains.


Only one little problem, the supplier wrote to me today and informed that the 48 is no longer available, and can no longer be ordered from Andersen :(.


But he offered me:


  • 28% discount on a pair of 46ST  (about 1120 euro each) or,
  • 35% Discount on a pair of 52ST (about 1450 Euro each)


So now I'm wondering. Do I get the 46 or just go the whole hog and go for the 52? 

There is a 3.5kg weight difference to consider, and also the fact that it's unlikely I will always (ever?) have folk like Josh on board to crew.


Max genoa is  50m2. But as yet code 0 etc not defined....


40 ft, disp 4500kg...

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