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Anti Torsion Rope

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Just buying a top down furling  adpator (from Beau Marine on here) for my code 0 furler, so I can also use the system for a couple of Gennakers.


Im just sussing out Anti-Torsion ropes. I have a good quality 10-11mm halyard (vectran) that I changed for a size smaller, which I could cut into two, and splice the ends into a solid thimble.  Would this work as an anti-torsion rope for a furler. I know you can buy special anti-torsion line. But wondering why a tightly tensioned line between the swivel wouldnt do the same job.  As most double braid isnt biased L or R, so would think it would be ok??



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Might work OK for a low mid girth code zero on a bottom up furler but no way for a gennaker furler.

The anti torsion cable is the most important part of a top down system, skimping here will cause big issues right when you dont need them!

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A zero torque cable is a very differing animal to what you'd use as halyards.


Many zero torque are 1/2 arsed No8 like ones, watch for that as they don't last long. A real ones do cost as they are not that easy to make. But don't buy on price, like many things the nasties are often sold for the same price as the real ones.

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