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Hi all,


So I have got down to a shortlist of a couple of boats but I would just like your thoughts on how each would handle rough seas.


For the most part I'll be in and around Wellington and the sounds, eventually around NZ and then offshore if all goes well. I'm not so worried about getting something close to Cat1 as that's a 5 year plan that I have time to work towards. I also haven't ruled out buying something bigger and better later on, that would be better suited to offshore work. I mainly want to get in before the summer season this year. At this stage I have a budget of around $70k.


So on the shortlist I have;


A Raven 31



A Alan Wright


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that Wright boat with the freestanding rig looks particularly good, a lot to be said for a rig that does not rely on a lot of skinny pieces of wire to survive heavy weather. Talked with some cruisers in Fiji with a similar boat and they were very happy with it.

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the Wright is a nice looking yacht.

I do wonder about the broker's description of her being foam glass when you can see wooden stringers and big wooden floors in the pictures.

Only issue with the freestanding rigs was that they did not point all that well, hence the addition of a headsail to the Freedom line of freestanding rigged yachts.

Of course cruisers never go to windward anyway..... :razz:

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The C&C 34 is the most seaworthy as per your post, though they are getting old.

But, for single handed you will struggle to find anything easier to sail than the Wright and it's much newer. Not sure about pointing ability though but looks nicely built.

Track down Alan Wright and have a chat, he lives in Whangapouroa (sp), he's very approachable

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It sounds like you have very similar plans to me and my family. We've had our boat for 8 months now, a Lotus 9.2 based in Wellington and have crossed over to the sounds 3 times, we've really enjoyed it! Our plan is to sell it some time and upgrade to a 40ish foot boat for a season in the islands.


We looked at Raven 31s when we bought ours. I've chartered one up in the Bay of Islands with my family, and we were really impressed. Sitting in the saloon looking out the window is a nice touch and they sail very nicely in my opinion, easily single handed. I think a boat like the raven or my lotus at 30 ft is awesome for around wellington and the sounds, but for heading offshore I'm not so sure I'd be that comfortable. Waikiore's suggestions sound good for that. 


I have Alan's email address Lydia, PM me if you want to talk to him. He is a nice guy. 

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