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STEWART 34 series-Mondays

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2016/17 Championship

It's coming up fast! The dates for the Championship series have been set so put them in your diary.


Dates of racing:

Race Day 1: Monday October 31st 2016

Race Day 2: Monday November 14th 2016

Race Day 3: Monday November 28th 2016

Race Day 4: Monday December 12th 2016

Race Day 5: Monday February 13th 2017

Race Day 6: Monday February 27th 2017

Race Day 7  Monday March 13th 2017


Spare day Monday March 20th 2017 


Collinson Series Short Course 27th March 2017

Collinson Series Long Course Saturday April 8th 2017.

UPDATE! I have been "restructured" and it looks like will now have to work Mondays instead of sailing this series.  maybe next year??!

I am planning to put Palmyra in for the series and may need extra crew. There are spinnaker and no extra divisions which have attracted roughly equal numbers in the past. I could do either depending on experience levels of crew available.


If you are interested let me know on patchgraham@gmail.com with an indication of your experience. Lack of it may be Ok if you are able to do the whole series. The Collinson series is a follow on that would also be fun. I will be out of NZ till october (off emails) but will put some energy into it on return. 

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