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Happy Teeth the Leopard Seal

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I have just done the survey. 

Would be good if lots of crew.org people could also complete it so that the researchers know how we feel about these animals inside a marina.


Leopard seals in marinas survey
We want to hear from anyone who utilises marinas in the Auckland and Northland regions and who is 18 or over. We are asking you to complete a survey that is 3 pages long and should take 5-10 minutes to complete.
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Done, thx for the link!

That's a great post. I saw you had in this thread and was expecting the worse i.e 'I saw it back in GHM today'.

That would mean it'll be back giving us grief down here again shortly.

It is expected to come back.

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Yes Leopard seals have now been reclassified by DOC as "NZ resident".


Also Owha has been spotted in Auckland again recently, after being up around Whangarei for the last few months.

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Had a female Fur Seal hoped on board Chloe's Duck board 2 nights ago, in Mahurangi. 


Took a bit of arm waving to convince her that she should go away. I suspect it is the same girl that I have seen in the harbour for the last 3 years but a bit early this year.

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A fairly long but interesting read. A couple of notable excerpts (the writer is in kayak)...


It was a windy and dark July morning and so Cath and I decided to stay within the marina and do circuits up and down the piers.


It was pitch black at 6.30am and we were both wearing head torches. After about half an hour, it was still quite dark, and Cath heard something behind us.  She wondered if Owha was about and then said it was probably just a fish. She then looked behind and let out a scream. Owha was on our tail, her head and shoulders were out of the water and she was following us, 300kg of muscle and teeth.


Cath spotted an empty berth and hastily headed towards it while I carried on. I decided to stop and hold onto a pole and dolphin ring. Then I saw Owha rise from under the water.  Her huge head and snorting nostrils just a few metres away from me. I looked over at her and her eyes glistened from the reflection of my headlamp. That with the huge reptilian head gave her a quite sinister appearance. She started to circle my kayak and would temporarily disappear under the water, rise again, snorting, getting a little closer to my kayak each time.  I started to feel decidedly uneasy.


Last week she also scared a poor kayakyer in Greenhithe when she placed her head on the back of his inflatable kayak. 

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Hmm, what a ^&% up. Bad to have her wounded.

Its my understanding, that like dolphins, you cant anaesthetise a seal. their breathing is a conscious process, if put under anesthetic they don't breathe. 


I wound not like to be a vet trying to operate on one who was wide awake and in pain.... 

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There is no evidence anyone shot it.

The animal has a puncture wound.


This story is turning into a load of bleeding heart bollocks. RNZ quoted the happy teeth researcher as saying a boaty must have shot it, cause she likes eating inflatables. Just made up opinion, presented as fact.


Ask yourself, how could anyone carry a firearm around in a highly built urban environment, least alone the biggest marina in the Southern hemisphere, and not be seen?

Then, ask yourself how anyone could discharge a firearm in said urban environment and not attract attention?

How could you get a clean shot at the animal from a boat (rocking).


Now ask yourself how many ways could you cause a puncture wound?

That thing wasn't shot...


Agree its not flash leaving the animal in pain. But ask yourself, how many farmers would have a picnic with their grandkids in the bull's paddock, without taking the bull out first? Farmers tend not to mix with bulls, or other large and dangerous animals, for good reason. Large animals are dangerous. Apex predators are more dangerous than 'domesticated' large animals.  I'm not at all surprised this has happened...

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