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great work!


the views we never see from the deck


saw your drone's flashing green lights around kotuku from sundreamer


just see us in the background of the last few seconds of their video

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Thanks, but it was my worst result for a long time! Man, hate that.  :mad:


I'll have to find myself a small heavy kite. I think I have come up with a reason for the twist in the kite inside the sock, and I have a fix for that. Certainly IT was/is still setup for cruising, so carrying lots of extra crap, and I did not in any way expect to win the solo division (on handicap!), but mid fleet would have made me happy. Next time! 


Going up the mast Solo is not too hard on IT - I have fold out steps on the mast for that, just a french prussik on a spare halyard as a safety. A bit unstable without properly set sails though - I had sore hands from holding on TIGHT once I got back down!


Anyone else have a roast dinner on the way up? Microwaves are great :-)

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Nice vid !


I really had no choice but to go up the rig - could not get the sail up nor down, and therefore couldn't get the headsail in or out either, as the halyard was around the furler. The block on the crane was completely destroyed - only the cheeks remained, somewhat the worse for wear... ended up having to cut the last couple of feet off the kite halyard, partly because it was stuck so tight, but it was damaged anyway by the block remains I think.

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Think I got the below a while back from the NoR Elly :


1A - 0.960 and above
1B - 0.870 - 0.959
2  - 0.810 - 0.869
3  - 0.765 - 0.809
4  - 0.750 - 0.764
5  - up to 0.749


I think the organisers made a slight variation to put all Ross 930s in 4 but otherwise, think the above is right.


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Spot prizes.... that was a bit embarrassing. 


Good race for WO, but the wind was fair - hard to improve on a race when 75% is reaching or running on a 930.


For me, it was the first time I had sailed north of Cape Rodney, and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the CC. Staying awake wasn't a problem, and even though I am still tired now, I didn't have any real issues. A few broaches between Sail Rock and the Poor Knights, and a scary Gennaker drop; and some 'moments' putting the MH kite up clearing Rangi channel.... but no real damage to boat or crew.


Very pleased that all Solo competitors made it safely, and I hope we proved this division is viable and a good addition to the race.


Thanks to NZMYC, the specific race organisers and crew, and to RYC for the great trophy for the Solo division. 

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part 2 of the Provincial cowboy coastal vid attached. the quality isn't quite there as I accidently deleted all the raw video and then managed to restore it, at a slight;y lower quality level. 


I also forgot what time we finished. it was more like 11pm not 2am. wups. 


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