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Best Coastal in Years?

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Looked pretty good watching from North Head. 




The Orma and MOD boys could have felt embarrassed when they were overtaken by Charleston tho.




The rest of the fleet seemed to get away pretty cleanly, only a couple of small roundup's on the gybe.




The 8.5's looked good, Tigre was absolutely flying, opening out a huge gap early on.


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yup, great pics aaron


and great saiing by charleston 


beau, the mod, looked stunning zigging up through the slow boats in rangi channel


very interesting - odd looking hull profile like a large wedge of cheese with the rocker only starting well after the centrecase


frank couldn't get past at that stage, but beau leading, went inside tiri so frank went outside, where they always go, where it always works for them and soon they were well in the lead


closed up again at the brett


but then again beau went inshore for the shortest line traditionally taken by small boats and big monos and frank went out wide into the bay and wound up for high speed, big beats, and few 500mt losing tacks


coming back yesterday afternoon it was blowing about 25kn from the west before tiri and beau went past us looking good with a fully reefed main and the solent?, central of the 3 furled headsails 


would have loved to have gotten a photo but we were a bit busy too as they slowed to furl that, then unfurled the inner, smaller staysail and took off again


not beau, but very similar



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I have to admit to being a little disappointed when the Rapido tri was removed from the entry list.


Would have been great to have that, team aus, and Sundreamer all on the line as well. 60 footer challenge?

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I'm not sure what happened, but the name dropped off the list of entries sometime around Wednesday.


They sailed past North head very slowly before the first start, and cruised around the rangi area for a bit.


Awesome looking boat, maybe they just decided not to risk the chaos near the start

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Biggest disappointment for me was yet again the apparent disinterest in the event from Russell. Nothing happening on shore on Saturday morning. Not easy to get breakfast. Yet again we bugged out to Paihia on the ferry and then made our way home. 

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That was an awesome coastal. 11 hours start to finish and 4th on handicap even with a broken Prod!!


Well done to Charleston, Tigre and Attitude who all finished in daylight.


I'm hooked on these multi thingimebobbies !!

Its amazing to be up with or beating fully frufru'd 52 footers crewed by the beautiful people in a 30 foot, 40 year old cat.




Freedoms' start vid




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Top tip, the thermos was still hot at 8pm for coffee and rum ????

We averaged 13.6 on the way up, and 13.4 on the way back. We were only 2up on the way back and went through the hen and chicks for a change of scenery ( and because we couldn't get above then with the masthead kite and couldn't be bothered taking it down)

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