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Blue lights

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Don't agree JohnB, the regs simply state an all round white light, visible for 2nm. The emphasis is the 2nm, and white, so it's recognised for what it is.

Nowhere do the regs say how you must achieve that. Solar, kero, led, incandescent, halogen, tungsten, candle, whatever, as long as it meets the above requirement you're good to go.

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As IT said, it's the 2nM part that is important. Some Solar garden lights can hardly be seen at 2 nautical stone throws.
Waaaaay back, before my time of course, there used to be Kero lanterns that were made specifically for the purpose of navigation. They had a lens type glass surround to help focus the light.

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So there is hope after all.

What I don't understand are the comments here about different tones/colours of white led. Every led I've seen or used has been far brighter and superior to that old kero lamp and most of the historic incandesant lamps you would find in an anchor light.

Incidentally, we were in te kouma when I typed that last post,7 yachts in our bay including one with the rather silly blue light on the masthead. We'd already commented on how it couldn't be legal because it is not white. So it was topical.


When I first saw the thread title I thought it was going to be about blue underwater transom lights. Now those things are fun....they attract all sorts of interesting life. Our buddies next door at Musket in Sept had a manta ray doings it's loops for hours under their transom. They discovered it after it kept hitting their rudder. Dial a manta!

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Almost witnessed the same off Devonport on Christmas Eve, Line fishing boat anchored with everyone fishing, when another surveyed? vessel passes us heading straight for them all the fishos screaming pulled their rods in and the helmsman of the steaming vessel returns to his post and just manages to swerve down their side-real close. I am happy to be a witness for the anchored vessel , the one not under command lives at Westpark and a week later passed us going too fast on the wrong side of Manowar passage GBI. 

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MNZ also have the regs easily downloadable, 







22.30 Anchored vessels and vessels aground 

(1) A vessel at anchor must exhibit where it can best be seen—

(a) in the fore part, an all-round white light or one black ball; and
(b ) another all-round white light at or near the stern at a lower level than the light in the fore part;


BUT if the vessel is less than 50 metres in length it may exhibit an all-round white light where it can best be seen instead of the lights referred to in subparagraphs (a) and (b ) of this paragraph.


(2) A vessel of 100 metres or more in length must also use the available working or equivalent lights to illuminate its decks when at anchor. Any other vessel at anchor may do so also. 


(3) A vessel of less than 7 metres in length at anchor, not in or near a narrow channel, fairway, anchorage, or where other vessels normally navigate, is not required to exhibit the shape prescribed for a vessel at anchor.


(4) A vessel aground must exhibit the white light or lights for a vessel at anchor prescribed in rule 22.30 (1), and in addition, where they can best be seen—

(a) two all-round red lights in a vertical line; and

(b ) three black balls in a vertical line.


(5) A vessel of less than 12 metres in length, when aground, is not required to exhibit the lights or shapes prescribed in 22.30(4) for a vessel aground.






So there you have it, it's pretty simple.


7m or more? you must show day shapes and lights


If you're under 7m you need not show day shapes so long as you're not anchored somewhere where other boats woudl normally navigate or in an anchorage etc. But you still have to show an all round white light. And it may be a lantern...




also interesting in Appendix 1, part 11.


Intensity of non-electric lights

Non-electric lights must, so far as practicable, comply with the minimum intensities, as specified in the table given in Appendix 1.8. 

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