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Deep Purple

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Nice conservative start Paddy. Looked impressive.

Twolfs start was even more conservative!


Man there was so much traffic it took over 75 minutes to get from work (normally 30) and on the way to the start we broke our tiller universal so had to MacGyver that up.


12 minutes late at the start, and did the trip in 86 minutes.

Very fast with the 3/4 gennaker, virtually a dead straight line start to finish ( I think its an average of 18 knots vmg?)


we did a couple of minor sniffs, but all in all it was a very safe trip and an incredible ride that made the Coastal start seem very tame indeed.

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That result should not stand if that was the case.

We had written sailing instructions with a different course from the one that SD and A Div did.

According to the published course sheet and sailing instructions. SD and the whole of A Div didn't complete the course.

The race result should not stand if there were two sets of courses


Appart from that, nice day in the sun.


Would this have anything to do with why the results are nowhere to be seen?

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The results are posted on the website.


The Commodores Cup notice of race refers to.

"8.0 Courses to be sailed.

The courses will be as listed in the sailing instructions and in appendix A - Harbour Courses on page 92."


Only problem being the sailing instruction course sheet differs from Appendix A.


Presume that for fairness the results should be discarded.





The Club Champs notice of race simply refers to the "Sailing Instructions specific to each series"


So for the club champs Sundreamer and the the whole of A Div could get chucked out for race 3?



So in all fairness the Multihull div should drop the race 3 results from the series.

If somebody from A Div was unhappy with their result they could get the race thrown out as well.

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Well no I don't think that is fair either.


Then a boat that hasn't even turned up has effectively got the same result as a boat that slogged its guts out for 5.5 hours in very trying conditions.


sundreamer phoned the race committee and was told what course to sail.



We (and the rest of the multi fleet) weren't privy to the call so had the dilemma of choosing between the 2 courses.

(i.e. Did Sundreamer receive outside assistance?)


The Sailing Instructions usually take precedence.

The sailing instructions were issued later.

The approx course length of 30 miles for the course in the sailing instructions is correct, whereas the course listed in the handbook would be way shorter than that (around 25 miles).

The notice of race for the Club Championship says the courses are listed in the Sailing Instructions.

G3 did the course in the Sailing Instructions,

Sababa 1st in A division did the course from the handbook

By doing the longer course we were still fulfilling all the requirements of the shorter course and can't be dsq' ed for what we did (hence the desire to not can the race).


Proposed solution:

Sundreamers result stands.

I estimate we lost around 75 minutes and G3 lost around 50 minutes.

But I'd be happy with say 50 minutes off our time and say 30 minutes off g3's time.


All other multis who completed the extra lap get points for finishing 4th because they would have got out to Flat Rock before the tide changed.


I have written to the RNZYS and asked to be involved with whatever protest or hearing they decide to hold. Personally though I won't protest because I can't see any positive outcomes.

It is also a joke to say the race can be resailed.

(To be fair it would need to be in the same conditions and our programme is already very full)

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Did wonder why the G3 went round twice - never seen that one before.


If that's the case with the SIs you'd either get some form of redress or a chucked out race


Redress for G3 would take some figuring :think:

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Did wonder why the G3 went round twice - never seen that one before.


If that's the case with the SIs you'd either get some form of redress or a chucked out race


Redress for G3 would take some figuring :think:


I think redress would take some figuring to, but as long as the amount asked for was less than the time actually lost then it shouldn't be a problem, right ?


And we have a fair idea that g3 took around 45-50 minutes, and we took around 1.25 hours, so if we ask for less than that, there should be no arguments.


SD did nothing wrong, they asked the RC cos they weren't sure.


The rest of the fleet at the time of rounding Motouora for the first time were all in fairly close proximity, and we actually did make it round Flat Rock, but if it had been an hour earlier the tide would be a lot closer to slack, and we lost truckloads trying to go against the tide out there.

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