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Shane strikes again

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I had wondered what happened to him. Not the best choice of places to try and Winter over in.
I wouldn't believe a word of what he said in that article. It's pretty obvious by now that the guy has a serious mental issue and frankly, he needs help in that respect. It is possible he has been offered a Home and he has refused it. Interestingly, most of the Homeless had been removed off the streets and given Housing during the Covid lockdown. But many  of them have now moved back out to the streets again. They prefer to be on the streets because there are too many "rules" when they are in a Home. Like keeping it clean for instance. Paying bills, signing forms etc etc. It is all too much for them.
I don't say that in a mocking way. It's because of their Mental issues. There are many reasons why. Such as a feeling of restrictions and control being placed on them. The streets mean freedom from those restrictions. Another is that it all seems to hard. Too much paper work to deal with. To many things that need to be done to simply live.  I think that is what Shane found. It wasn't really a love of sailing, because he did none. It was the idea of living out there with no one telling him he had to do anything. But in reality, even out on the water did not isolate him fully from rules/regulations.
He really does need help. Like so many Homeless. We can't just find homes for them and then think the problem is solved. There needs to be managed shelters for them. But that opens up a whole other set of problems.

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Interesting observations Wheels.
Unfortunately the Mental Health Services in NZ are decidedly third world so I wouldn't hold out much hope for Shane there.
Shane's life is a horror story of abuse, the worst of it experienced under State care.
Also he's intellectually disabled; in times past he would have been under care of the IHC.
He may have a metal illness as well, but I don't know.
He was in State care at about 7 or 8 years of age where he quickly had to learn how to f*ck and suck his caregivers and the older kids.
And the day he turned 16, like all kids in State care then, he officially became an adult, and so was kicked out with no support.
He is the way he is largely because of the 'support' he had as a child/teenager in State care and because intellectually he's so challenged.
Like most abused people, he learnt to say what he thinks people want to hear that will do him the least harm.
That's a matter of survival not lying.
And needless to say, (I hope being yachties you're all smart enough to have the insight) he can hardly read, actually I doubt he knows how to tell the time.
Someone will have had to tell him what the letter from Queenstown Council said as he couldn't possibly have read it himself. 
Shane is not a joke and I really don't understand why you are all so keen to make fun of him and people like him.
In the context of sailing he would certainly qualify for the Sailability programnme.
And like most people with similar pasts, he's hardly going to be inclined to trust Social Workers etc now, after all the crap he's experienced under their help and care in the past.


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I think it is really sad...like wheels and others I have tried to help him directly in the past including contacting emergency counselling services and the police. Fact is - he is currently running a go fund me page for his dog, which has raised 165.00 or so. If he is so challenged how is he achieving this? He has a terrible reputation for ripping people off and having been born and bred in Qtown...it is not a place to be homeless in winter. 

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Look I don't know the answers to your very valid questions.
He manages to do some things and he's able to get people to help him.
Obviously as you have and as have I.
I don't think he goes out deliberately to rip people off, I think he just has no concept of consequences.
When the marina manager, or lender or whoever starts screaming for their money he just moves on. 
But I seriously don't think that there's anything malicious in his intent.
I sort of liken him to one of Barry Crump's characters: a bit of a likable rogue.

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gantmc, thanks for the insight. That is the first time I have heard detailed info on him. I long suspected something along those lines.
It is really Sad. And if it isn't the case for Shane, for at least someone Homeless, it ends in a Death because of neglect and then Community goes oooh aaaahh, the Gvt has to do something and maybe even a new Gvt gets voted in, but nothing actually changes.
I do understand how People can make fun of Shane, because they don't know or understand his background and for others like him. People only see someone that looks more like a "grifter" ( I think the term is). Someone that uses others kindness for their own gain. But that is not actually the case with Shane. As grantmc has said, these are survival instincts he has gained over the years because of his background.

There are a small bunch of us here in Blenheim that discuss regularly the Homeless situation. We all work or have worked in various ways in all the Social issue areas. We constantly see Groups sprout up, gain funding, think they are going to change the world, achieve nothing and then it all goes quite again till the next comes along. All the time the real issues and real solutions are not being addressed at all and no one Gvt side will listen.
I can go on, but seeing as it isn't "that" Forum, I will refrain.
 To bring it back to kind of boating topic, so what happened to his Boat??

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