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Anchor Chain

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Now this idea may seem kinda loopy but let me know what you think.


  We have an issue with our anchor well where the rope warp doesnt really feed down all that well and the chain crowns up and jams up.  So if we have more than about 25m of chain out we need someone to be down below and give it a push every now and then.  Which is a pain but manageable unless I'm by myself.


  With price to go stainless at around $4k and no guarantee that it would fix it(it would help but may not fix it) we are reluctant to spend the cash.


  So now for loopy idea.  What if we cut the chain in half and had the first 25m on the anchor then 25m of rope then the other 25m of chain then more rope. This would mean that most of the time we would be anchoring with the first 50m like a normal boat but if it cuts up then we would let the next bit as needed.

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I'd have thought you may as well just use 25m of chain and go full rope after that. Any time you need the whole lot out it'll be deep enough that having the top section chain will be more of a hassle than anything else?

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Same problem but easy fix. Not having a chain locker, we use a fish bin and the warp and chain creates a mountain that clogs up when coming in. 30m 8mm short link ( thanks Grant!) and 65m 14mm plait nylon. Here's the fix. We anchor mostly in 6m, Deep Water Cove stretches that to 20m, run your rode out to about 30m. Bundle up the remaining warp and simply put it to one side as its mostly not used and taking up space. Make sure it can still feed out if necessary but it will give more room for the warp and chain you do use regularly. I would not recommend chain warp chain warp as the second lenght of chain will probably knot with the warp? Two spices too.

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