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What Cat for $200-300k?

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We have decided we are only interested in cruising, whether its offshore or up and down the coast. Ive also considered cheaper older hulls and modifying/renovating/fixing one up.

What used models should I consider that can be sailed 1 handed but usually minimum 2?

Is it possible to sail from NZ to Fiji in a Cat? (dumb question maybe but have not owned a cat before)

How many knots generally do you need to get a Cat moving? I know they arent easy to get going.

Thanks for any tips, we are looking at buying in a year or 2.

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Cats sail in all oceans. Not many in high lats, lots and lots in the tropics.

Personally I've sailed them from Fiji, to Hawaii etc etc.

Some are slow pigs, really motorsailors, some are very high performing indeed!

Your questions about wind speeds required cannot be answered unless the specific design is mentioned.

Cats have different motion in a seaway, their movements can be quick and sharp. Not better than a mono, not worse, just different. Of course healing is limited.

Charter a few cats,find out what you like.

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Charter a few cats,find out what you like.

Fantastic Idea, a trip out to GB.


I was thinking a Lagoon 410, I like the internal layout, but they maybe one of the slow pigs you are refering too. What the Mrs likes is a cat that has that indoor/outdoor flow, nice entertaining and kitchen, dont ask me why this is important. A lot have great seating at the stern and then have those wide doorways into the lounge/dining area with the kitchen to the side, thats ideal for her.


For me I want a tramp and solar. Otherwise Im easily pleased.


Yeah sorry about the speed question, its simply I know cats are harder to get underway than monos, as you cal them pigs, I agree, so I wasnt sure which brands are pigs was more the question. I presume the one designed for Cruising the Mediterranean are more looks than performance. I kind of want both but definitely dont want something that is impossible to get going in a good wind.

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There are a lot more cats available in Australia, check out


Couple of boats worth looking at are the Seawind 1200(a massaged Grainger design) and the Fusion 40, noting that the latter is typically closer to $400k.

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Defining what you really want is important.

If sailing is important then it limits your options somewhat.

If a cat doesn’t have boards it will struggle to point upwind.

And if you want boards the options are again more limited.

I’d have a Seawind over a lot of the European production cats, most of which are very charter, floating apartment oriented.

At least the Seawinds were designed & built to sail, although they are also quite charted boat oriented.

As mentioned, Fusion 40 are a good all rounder.

Also some of the Schionnings are great boats, but not production so you’d have to check out the build quality.

They are also quite lightly designed & built, to me a better coastal cruiser than an offshore boat.

But plenty of people will rightly point out they do lots of offshore miles.

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Hi, I'm looking in the same price range.  I've been targeting specific experience and now have over 5,000nm across 7 different Cat types, sizes etc.  Although I'm confident I'm up for full time live aboard, I realise this is likely too bigger jump for my wife who now has a fair level of background experience.  Grand children also make that commitment less practical.  In short I'm looking for a 50/50 partner and would propose each partner have 3 months exclusive use  during our Winter in the South Pacific and then the same over our Summer (annual haul out excluded).  Note 50% share in the $200,000 - $300,000.  Happy to talk further offline if this appeals.

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I'm looking at a Farrier 41 listed on TM: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/listing/3405488575.

Does anyone have any ideas on the good points/bad points on this design?

Usual story, has to be sailed by the two of us (Husband and wife - hitting 60).  Just thinking 41 feet might be a lot of boat to handle.




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