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Cockpit speaker for VHF

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I have a speaker mounted in the cockpit but it is subject to damage from crew and weather. A possibility could be a surface? speaker (flat panel exciter) that mounts internally against a free panel which turns into the speaker when the magnetron vibrates, so there is no orifice in the panel that may leak. The sound quality is poor in deeper sounds but ok speaking levels. Available from Jaycar for around $16.00. A boat nearby has a whole swarm of them stuck inside the boat in the cockpit and sounds great.

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I had the same problem which I resolved with this little product:




Has worked well for 3 years in very wet conditions on my boat with Uniden UM380 radio. You just need to check your radio provides external speaker output.


Local NZ agent is: 


360 Marine Supplies 360marinesupplies@clear.net.nz>




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Say it again? A horn speaker. The audio is of a higher pitch so can be heard clearly over engines, mother in-laws etc and requires very little power to drive them. One wire pair, one 2.5mm tip sleave and horn speaker.....

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