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Battery and solar help please

Situation. Replaced wiring for solar panel. Couldnt hook panel up as had no new plugs. Wired solar controller up and ran wire for panel but couldnt put panel on. Did attach panel wiring to controller. Controller is wired to house bank. Bilge pump direct wired to house bank but no significant water in bilge.


Left boat for 2 weeks upon arrival back with plugs found house bank at 0.86v.


Put plugs on and hooked up panel(100w panel) engine running controller reckons no power frm panel


Unplugged panel put tester on panel plugs and at 1:30pm in good sunlight only getting 1volt.


So question is could controller have dragged batteries down that far?? And is my panel stuffed(3 months old)

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If the panel has 1 v in daylight it's stuffed. What brand is it - does it have blocking diodes or is it a cheap Chinese POS? Panels without diodes can drain the batteries. Whats the controller?

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Re the battery flat part, are you 100% sure the Bilge pump has not been running?

Is the battery coming up to full charge and staying up when charging via Engine/ALT

The regulator/controller should not discharge the battery with no Panel connected or even when Panel is connected but failed. You may have two faults. Failed panel and failed Battery.

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a reasonable battery test on smaller setups is to transmit, on a non-used vhf channel, and watch to see how much the battery voltage dips in the regulator display

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