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We need help in protecting Great Barrier Island.

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Good decision by the High Court but be careful what you wish for.

Firstly for those advocating dumping on land the question is where? Soft, unconsolidated marine sediments with very high moisture content is not suitable for building or road fill without time consuming and costly treatment (lime or cement stabilisation). Therefore contractors won’t touch stuff unless required by the client, e.g. POA maintenance dredging that was cement stabilised fill for the Fergusson container terminal extension.


Secondly, eliminating the offshore dumping option or at least requiring dumping to move even further offshore will drive up costs for any future marine developments, potentially making them uneconomic. So goodbye to any further marina development, and hello to ongoing berth shortage and Simon Herbert’s marina oligopoly.


Having said all that, environmental and economic constraints on further marine development in Auckland might help support Shane Jones’ Northport dreams!

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Protect Aotea has won a court case to prevent dumping of toxic waste sludge into the waters around Great Barrier Island, in the Hauraki Gulf. They are now pushing for a policy that offers alternatives to at-sea dumping.

In light of the latest State of the Gulf report, such a policy makes perfect sense and would benefit marine waters around all our coastline.


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