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YNZ regs what is “direct supervision”

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Trying to understand the regs, please help.


CatC race wording as pictured.


What is meant by direct supervision? Also what would be considered substantially enclosed waters?


There is no definitions in the document.


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I would interpret that as a regatta style event where you had a committee boat on the water that’s able to see the entire course and possible a rescue/mark boat that was able to offer assistance.

Substantial enclosed waters to me would be a lake, harbour or sheltered bay


But this is just how I read the above, your best bet if a race organiser is to talk to YNZ,

I do this then I know I’m on the same page and not operating against the intent of the safety regs

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That's a very good question.

Not sure on the full or accepted definitions, ,but the usually interpretation taken around here is something like this:

Direct supervision of a club: This is where the racing is run from an onshore tower or patrol boat on the start/finish line. The race stays essentially within sight of race management.

Substantially enclosed water: A lake, or sailing area sheltered from open ocean (Tamaki Straight), harbors like Tauranga etc

Other craft: usually taken as other race boats that could assist (may extend in busy areas to all other craft ?) 


Be interesting if there other interpretations .... 

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