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2019 Coastal Classic

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Heard that Golden Pond Lost its rig but is back at Gulf Harbour

Its tracker looked like something like that happened. Was doing 0.3 knts in a spot between Rangi and GH for a long time. Tracker shows it back in GH now.

He was solo wasn't he?

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I've no official information, but based on the tracker the are within minutes of the record, its a bit hard to tell with the accuracy of the tracker either way. They might have... it'll be a close thing

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Black Hornet is the last boat showing on the tracker, doing 5.5 knts heading into Bream Bay.

Thats the mini 6.50 skippered by the para-sailor. Doesn't have the use of his legs so has a canting driver's seat installed.

Big ups to him, certainly testing conditions for your first big race in a little boat.

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