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Passage records

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We don’t really have any passages down here that attract the kind of record breaking attempts like the Atlantic crossing from NY to lizard point do we?


I mean we have our yearly drag race up the coast for which there’s a record, and things like the solo Tasman. But I mean more like an Auckland to Welly or Chch - pick-your-window-and-go kinda thing, rather than the lottery of what weather you get for an organised race. Or even Akl to Coro or something in between if you’re short on time like everyone is these days.

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The NZMYC used to keep track of these because it mattered to them. Long time since I was involved but we used to have records for the two courses mentioned by waikore plus round waiheke, The Balokovic, the triangle that went round the islands off Te kouma, flat rock and back. Akl to Tauranga etc.

Sundreamer once held the te kouma record at around 9 hours, i think, 

Afterburner had most of the others. This is before Vodafone/Frank racing appeared on the scene. Since then the idea seems to have kind of died, no competition i guess.


Maybe this will prompt some memories from someone???


Cheers tb

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Well that didn't prompt anything, not even the obvious 9 hours to Te Kouma for Sundreamer, it was actually more like 2 hours. I though Puff might have jumped on that.




Hahaha, might need to change the bait?

I just thought it was a typo.


My record for Te Kouma to westhaven is 19h. It was a different kind of record...

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