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Possible Stolen Boat

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The boat in the photo below was removed from a pile mooring today Friday 10 Jan at 4.30am, the club members who owns this boat are away overseas and we can’t get hold of them. The erratic behaviour of the people removing the boat is suspicious plus they were using/towing a black aluminium dinghy about 3 - 3.5m long with black outboard with an extension arm.  A car with a throaty exhaust was also heard leaving the club around this time.

The boat is called Wairaka, it is an 8m Own Wolley launch, if you see this boat please call the Police first on 111 and then Katie at Weiti Boating Club on 021 1175 176.


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This boat drove past me on my mooring last week at Jamieson bay in the Maharangi. Had a young bloke about late 20's driving. from the flying deck. 


 don't know where it went after that but have passed on the message to a couple off mates that are in the area.

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Good stuff Chloe,

It has been confirmed the boat is stolen. There is an active Police investigation. This is the first sighting I am aware of after it left the Weiti River at 4:30 am on Friday 10th. It was also independently  sited leaving the river, and ran aground on the sand bar, but got off quickly...


Chloe, It would be great if you could contact the Police on 105 and pass on what details you have. I have private messaged you the case number.


So far there have been 388 shares on social media, so the boating community is really taking an interest in this and are being pro-active in doing what they can to help.

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