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Looking for Cherubs

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Brings back some memories had Cherub "Phred "sail 1934 , for many years boat was always a kick in the pants.

Didn't have assy poles back then we carried 9ft spin pole in hoops on the boom!


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Clicked on the link and looked at all the photos from those years. Lots of nostalgia there. I did my Cherub sailing in Nelson in the mid 60's and sailed Pandora (ex Neil Pryde) and June (a Wagstaff design).Sadly do not have any photos. The popular design back then was the Spenser MKVII. I wonder if anyone has photos of these boats in action.

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Lookin flasher by the day.

Good to see what a 15yo can do when you manage to prise a cellph from their hand.


This is the Roper design not the Leech design.

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As a young R Class sailor I asked the same question, our rudder was transom mounted, some others were on frames.

The answers varied, but generally the benefits were, in order...

When twin wired downhill the angle between the tiller and the extension was wider, making for better control.

The 'board and rudder are further apart, so a little less twitchy.

There's less tiller in the boat, so more space when running to the other side. 

And that was it, really. All valid reasons, all from the '92 Leander in Lyttelton.

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The designer of the above craft said as the rig has been moved aft on the hull the rudder needs to go aft as well or 'ya can't steer the f**ken thing'.

Also as Madyachtie mentions when at big pace downhill if the foils are too close steering is a nitemear so he wanted more separation for that as well.

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On 10/11/2020 at 12:10 PM, ex Elly said:

Build your own Cherub!

Get the kitset for $8500 here!!

The top shot is one of those TM ones. The bottom shot is the one shown being built in this thread.

One does wonder how heavy the top one will be when you consider the one in the bottom photo is above minimum weight and doesn't have all the extra lumber the top one has. Very differing bows and rockers as well.

Should be interesting to see the 2 theories line up against each other.



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