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13 year old with Variant 22.5 foot

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8 minutes ago, Fish said:

.... If your 13 has aspirations of solo RNZ, then there is a good solo series run by Richmond. This culminates in the Route 66 race to Marsden Cove. Wont be ready for that now, but something for a young man to aspire to, and most likely perfectly achievable if he has done a lot of offshore passages etc.

Thanks!! can one join any club and race in other clubs? How does that work? Must one join every club you wish to race in.. is that allowed?
This is great info and yes those solo and short handed races sound really our kind of thing.. if they don't I could also find myself stealing off on the baby boat for an easy spin.. .. finding the idea of racing longer distance quite exciting myself... little boat feels like toy town. 
To do the coastal classic do you need a track record of sort? I have done it on other peoples boats 2x but it was a hop on and go. I see you can even enter that in a 6.5 knots. 

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54 minutes ago, SeaEagleii said:

That is a great idea! yea!  He did crew for a short time from Hobsonville while we were refitting the big boat and did enjoy that.
The only issue I see is the inability to commit to every weekend as we live a few hours away and are not there every weekend.

Where about are you based, plenty of options out if Auckland too.

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1 hour ago, mattm said:

Maybe a good school holiday activity while they can’t be at the boat is to read up on the racing rules of sailing. There are some great free online resources, giving the rules and cases which give a good explanation of how and when they are applied, like this:


Great idea

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6 minutes ago, Fish said:

If you are a member of one club, you can enter races at any club. Its all about being affiliated to Yachting NZ.

Oh epic! We have registered and waiting a sail no. Now.. what club to join ..

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I realise you're quite committed having the varient already, but in days gone by plenty of young blokes have done more or less what you describe - started out with a boat to mess around on and fix up and join a fleet of similar boats to go racing (and cruising) in pied pipers. Here's an example, but I've seen them go for cheaper https://www.trademe.co.nz/2687118659

These have good performance for their size, and despite being old boats still have good number of them racing - in a recent ssanz race there would have been more than a dozen. I think they may also still race regularly out of milford as well. Having similar boats to race against, and other owners with the same boats to share advice, really helps with setup and understanding what impact changes made to setup have had etc. 

Another thing to consider in terms of which club to join is they often offer discounted entry fees to their races for their own members, so if he plans to race with a particular club it may be worth joining there even if it costs a little more. 

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Wow, I guess it's been a while since I logged in here...

If they're interested in learning a few things perhaps more suited to the Variant, Manukau YMBC, near Mangere Bridge, is where the Auckland Hartley 16s and Noelex 22 fleets sail.

If you head over there on a sailing day, there's a pretty good chance of getting a ride.

Alternatively, flick the Variant and buy a Noelex 22, then you can race "like for like", plus drag the boat to lakes etc, which opens up an entire different sailing universe.

Not that I'm biased  ;) but the noelex 22 is one of the best all-round boats out there, and I think the two biggest sailing related mystakes I've ever made were "upgrading" from a N22 to a sportsboat, and buying a boat that needed a mooring. Both of which I now haved moved on from, and own a Noelex... Again.

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5 hours ago, madyottie said:

As it happens, I'm looking for a Noelex crew tomorrow arvo.

Details in Crew Find section.

Hey hey Thanks ! We live in Raglan but will be up most weekends summer 💫💫🙂

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