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Alan Write variant sails and design.

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I was wondering if anyone knew where to get information about the Alan Write Variant?
I want to find out the rig and sails plan designed for the boat. Ours has a pretty long boom which I guess keeps the center of effort low but I am not sure if how it is on our boat is correct for the boat. I would love to get hold of the original design specs.. also weights and all the details about it.. I cant seem to find the info with a general internet search.. Anyone know where I can get info about that boat.. ?

Thanks in advance!

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Allan Wright is still around I think. Someone here may be able to put you in touch with him. 

Google may have more if you search for Allan Wright Variant not write. 

There was a book as well which you might be able to find somewhere. More about the designer than the individual designs though. https://www.wheelers.co.nz/books/9780473246198-wrighty-my-world-my-boats-and-eighty-years/

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hi SeaEagleii, found it. Main 23'0" luff, 10'0" foot.

Attached a couple of jpegs. Not particularly clear but if u need better pm with your email and i will try to scan and send to u.

Are u having helm issues?



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The plans i have wouldnt be good enough for anything other than a look and an idea but if u r happy with that pm your email and I'll share wot i gave SeaEaglii.


Its gotta be worth trying to contact the designer if u want something more to build from


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