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Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage

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Just now, AJ Oliver said:

A quick comment from an alternate universe: 

(Or at the very least, an alternate hemisphere) 

ML King taught us that, if we determine that a law is unjust, 

we can and should break it; but we should also be prepared to 

accept the legal consequences (without whining). 

That way, we can show our respect for the law in general while breaking a particular law. 

Kind of like Socrates' approach. 

On the whole, I support Mr. Smith. 

Who knows, he might be able to strike a blow for the freedom of the seas by his action. 


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8 hours ago, ex Elly said:

So he made it, without being arrested or fined?


I don't think that was ever going to happen. Pete made the comment "Canadian CG and authorities have been very courteous and helpful, no problems" as he entered Baffin Bay a few weeks ago

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On 30/09/2020 at 8:16 AM, marinheiro said:

Kiwi Roa's latest position, heading for the Azores, when he makes a left turn



33 minutes ago, marinheiro said:

KR currently on a southerly course to pick up the preferred latitude for the reach/run to the Azores

Ok that makes sense I would have thought a great circle route would allow him to get closer to his target while getting south. Hence the confusion.

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Latest position - Pete uses Sailmail via Iridium Go and says there is a set up option so that everytime he connects to Sailmail, it automatically sends out a position report to the AIS "world". This is why KR can be identified mid ocean whereas most pleasure boats cannot


20201003 Kiwi Roa.png

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