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WANTED: Davidson 31 (or simiar)

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Hi All, 

I'm looking for a tidy Davidson 31 (or similar) if any has one, or knows of one which might be for sale?

Particularly interested in a D31 based on my experience of their sweet lines, kindly seakeeping,  large internal volume and layout (not a fan of the internal layout of the D28). 

Looking for one in good condition (ready to sail!) which is ideally full GRP and re-powdered. 

Open to suggestions of similar boats. 

Please let me know if you have any leads?

Thanks guys. 




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Did you end up finding yourself a Davidson 31?


We have one... it's not really for sale.. we are refitting it. We've had it for almost 4 years now. Would love to hear how you got on. Follow us on instagram at @Sailingflamenco


See attached image... Still got that blue dodger here ;) will be going all black canvas. I was suprised to hear from a sail maker that black is the least likely to fade because the material is not dyed... Same as white... also not dyed.  So the coloured fabric fades due to the dye... I wouldn't have chosen black before hearing that because I thought it would fade the worst!!!! 


We are currently fixing gelcoat voids, cracks, and re painting the deck. Will do topsides in November. possibly repower it with a Beta 25 within the next 2 years as long as we use her enough to make it worth while haha


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