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12 hours ago, The big T said:

Probably America - opposite to most of the world

Port and Starboard lights are still the same side as they are all around the World. The US is different in only which side you keep colours upon entry and exit to a Harbor.

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slight thread drift 🙂


These are the exact words on an instruction manual for a portable DVD player I bought for someone a cuppla weeks ago:

"When the dvd have unusual sound and smell such as splintering and poop, please switch off the power line as soon as possible."

I have a photo of the instruction book to prove it.

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I think the owner had taken the lens cover off to replace thh bulb.. and were simply not up to the task of recapitulating it's original orientation. Frightening, nonetheless.

I've no experience with French cars other than with an old 205 driven by a girl from Paris... the wiring was the least of my worries..


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33 minutes ago, DrWatson said:

Seen on a boat in France...IMG_0863.thumb.jpg.b232dd7dd5a40f6b966d62a7d696d1c9.jpg

And that is a Breton Flag flying from the VHF aerial. I know those Bretons are crazy, but I would have thought they would know their port and starboard.

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16 minutes ago, ex TL systems said:

I will need to concentrate to remember to turn my Nav lights around the right way when I am sailing backwards on my backwards forwards boat 


Have looked at that boat for some time trying to work out Why !

Is very odd.

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