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Boat Names

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There is a Ross 780 called Fine Entry.

The owner far prefers it being called 'Rear Entry'




I maybe lieing a bit there, OK shitloads to be honest, but if you are up for it calling it rear entry does get some bloody funny reaction. Best to do so from 1.5 arms lengths or more though, he may just have had a bad day. Safety first and all that ;)

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Over on this side of the planet there once (1980s) was a sailboat called "Ormgas". With its original name it was banned from entering any of the regattas arranged by the Royal Yacht Club. It is not too hard to figure out the original name by rearranging the letters in "Ormgas"...

In the late 1990s I came across a catamaran mentioned in a multihull rag from Australia. Its name was "LBTPASB" or "light blue touch paper and stand back". Not being a native speaker of English this was mysterious to me. What is light-blue touch paper? Eventually someone explained :-)

My own boat is named after radio program we listened to while building her and her sister.


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This story was told to me about 40 years ago about a Cherub at the Australian Nationals

At the end of each days sailing, the results would be announced back at the club.

”First, Boat XYZ.... second, Boat ZYX.... Third, PORK HUNT”

They had to change the name of the boat after day two.

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There was a ferro boat in Lytleton in the 70s... on the hard because it leaked so bad, looked like it had been plastered with a shovel, it was as smooth and fair as an elephants hide .... named "Turning Point" very apt as it certainly was for anyone considering ferro construction.

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There was a 50 ftr in the States, the story goes when he told his wife he was going to build another race boat a huge row broke out.

He named the boat FUJIMO, stands for F... U Jane I'm Moving Out.

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