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prada cup, when we know which course...

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guess it's easier for them

but it's not easier for spectators to plan their day when the course announcement keeps getting pushed back

First race will start at 3:00 PM NZT weather permitting, exact time of the start  and selected race course will be published on americascup.com and social media channels at 11:00 AM NZT.

pretty sure the teams were told yesterday morning



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yes, congrats to the brits

all that hard work of xmas/new year paid off

and the cup race has become interesting again

prada didn't look good rounding the city top mark and into the breeze at okahu bay

twice they followed ben round into the breeze and appeared to fluff it

the 3rd time, with the race lost, then went round the east mark and away from the gusts...  

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Ive got it figured.  Ignore the racing and go about your  day. When you get home go to you tube. Watch the start ,  fast forward to the finish.  Repeat for race two. Done . 10 minutes tops. Then go cook dinner because it's  your 33rd wedding anniversary 😁

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and so it starts up.Prada no backstays and advertiser sticker weights/placements deemed illegal so re installed one backstay on Friday and any part of the sticker cut of to placed else where on sail. Ineos passed measurement but have a hole mainsail for sail outhaul adjustment,needs to be changed by today.


Yachting website Live Sail Die is reporting that Luna Rossa are protesting the Brits "for having their outhaul penetrating the sail skin on their main fairing". According to the report, this means a hole in their mainsail that is considered illegal - and is separate to earlier protests launched by the Italians "regarding backstays, substitute weights, and stickers".


The outhaul adjustment helps to control the shape of the mainsail and is restricted by complex America's Cup rules.

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31 minutes ago, armchairadmiral said:

Geez guys....relax and enjoy it. What a vista being transmitted to the world. Only problem is even more of them will want to come here. Govt. has had its $35 million worth and Grant Dalton's vision is proved. What a bargain

Its reported Dalton salary was 2 mill in 2014 so whats he on today Is it value for public funding??


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21 minutes ago, Deep Purple said:

It's like a formula one race with a pit stop on every lap where the race is decided by who does the quickest tyre changes


The teams are required to build a car that needs 20 litres of fuel just to get moving.  They all have to circulate the track looking for cannisters of fuel so they can drive at top speed for an undetermined amount of time before they coast and idle to find the next cannister of fuel.

And the "race" can arbitrarily be shortened if none of them find enough of the fuel to finish before next week.

Really, this is an organisation problem.  Racing should take place only if there is sufficient and stable wind conditions.  You know, racing for the competitors, not to suit a TV schedule.

Just another nail in the AC coffin.

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