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Antifouling over Epoxy Filler

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I have effected a small repair job to the rudder blade and I'm ready to finish the job.  I need to get some antifoul on there but am unsure what to use as a primer / undercoat.  This https://www.burnsco.co.nz/shop/boating/paint-maintenance/primer-undercoat/altex-multipurpose-primer-undercoat  looks like it might be just the ticket.  But then again, it might be absolutely the wrong ticket.  I used West System Epoxy if that makes a difference. Hope that's not too vague a question. 




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West works as a primer as long as washed with warm water (to remove amine blush) and abraided.

Industry standard seems to be International interprotect.  Primacon over metal.

Best go with the manufacturers recommendation for the particular antifoul tho, if you want any comeback.

I once tried to put Micron 66 over cured Ultra 2 on the advice of a rep, the 66 ate the ultra!

Rep refunded the 66 and gave me more Ultra.

Always do a test panel for compatibility, if your gut is playing up.

I have used abraided/peelplyed  epoxy for just about everything, including under tiles.

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