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R66 or Akl/Tauranga

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Do you mean

CRBE Auckland Regatta or Farmer Autoville Auckland to Tauranga?

It's disappointing we have to choose - we're planning for an AKL/TGA.

Or maybe you mean:

Route 66 or RNZYS Commodores Cup Te Kouma Race 4 ?

Again, very disappointing that we have to choose, we're entered in the Commodores Cup Series so unfortunately no Route 66 for us this year.

I guess Americas Cup has screwed up the scheduling and made planning more difficult for the clubs and so clashes were inevitable.

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Opps yes Akl Regatta V Akl/Tau.

Too much going on at once, it's crazy.............. so much so it appears to be confusing some ;)

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I was struggling to choose between Route66 and WYS Gulf Classic, another conflict, but ended up seconded to run my launch as committee boat for the 12' skiffs and javelin sanders cup at whitianga this weekend

am cup has condensed the weekends available. R66 has always been first Friday in March.


ak regatta and ak-tg is classic f-up though 

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3 hours ago, SloopJohnB said:

I thought that the Auckland Clubs had a body that sorted out the clashes of regattas.............or does the "rich picks" rule over the "volunteers".😉

It's maritime anarchy out there at the moment :)

Covid has really fucked things up and in many ways

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Route 66 was moved to this weekend to accommodate the Americas Cup, a richman's race run by a richman's club in some eyes. The world stage however must prevail.

That club then schedules its Commodores Cup race to Te Kouma, part of an important series for Squadron , on the same weekend as the ROUTE 66.

Despite the clash, a near record fleet with entries in mid 60"s and 11 entrants in the inaugural Gulf triangle - New Zealand's first 3 leg single hand race.

Given the first Route 66 had 3 starters and has grown to this, the future of the Gulf Triangle looks promising - nothing ventured nothing gained.


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12 hours ago, The big T said:

 Americas Cup, a richman's race run by a richman's club in some eyes. 

That dude, formerly known as Ben Nathan but now travels under Maori name, that hammered the AC, literally, is sending emails to all the clubs and everywhere saying how proud he is he did it, how it highlights how the AC is at the core of White Supremacy, is responsible for harming Maori elders and why Maori have to live in bus stops. He's also promoting a TMe auction for the hammer...which pans out to be just a T Shirt, proceeds to some organisation with a long Maori name.

A passionate man for sure but maybe not the best when it comes to thinking strategically.

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On 25/02/2021 at 7:34 PM, SloopJohnB said:

They are working on a survival package now if it doesn't work it will surprise everyone, the fallout will be massive.


That's all I can say due to confidently.

ASB Showgrounds


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So Panuku can get at it, bugger.

Sadly I agree, someone will be sitting there thinking exactly that, 'Apartments here we go, ya hoo!.

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