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Coastgaurd vessel costs

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27 minutes ago, wheels said:


What is it with the cost of these vessels. Why so much? Is there some $1m of medical equipment on board? And even then, still leaving the cost of a Naiad at $400K, I would have thought that still too much.

A professionally built 11m pleasure launch with a medium level of finish and nothing fancy in the propulsion department will cost around $800k.

For this Coastguard  boat you would add

cost to build to survey

big engines and the jet units

huge electronics inventory

all the other fittings/toys Coastguard deem essential- eg if they have fancy sprung seats those can be $10k a pop

the ambulance bay stuff (I understand a fully kitted St Johns ambulance goes for circa $300k and that is just a tricked out delivery van)

Not saying it is justified, just where the spend sits.

Our local Coastguard, Kawau, is fund raising to replace the engines in their boat, looking for $250k. Why 10 yr old engines with only 4000hrs on the clock need replacing is beyond me unless there has been some serious misuse

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12 minutes ago, marinheiro said:

A professionally built 11m pleasure launch with a medium level of finish and nothing fancy in the propulsion department will cost around $800k.

Sure, but that is a luxury vessel. This is a Naiad. And yeah, sure, I realise all the bits are going to be the best you can get, but add them all up and I still find it hard to believe it can get to $1.4m.
And yes it is not just Nelson. Pictons Boat was also astronomical too and that was a few years back now.
Plus I would like to have thought that much of the electronics and other fitout bits would have been sold to them at a reduced cost from the suppliers.

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Never waste a good crisis.

You guys are looking at this in terms of the capital cost of a new boat.

Look at this in the eyes of a professional fund raiser. A full blown fundraising campaign. Like with any capex request in a large and cumbersome organisation, you chuck on all the things you would like, that you are never going to get, unless you tag them on to a much larger project, so they get lost in the noise.

That, and I wouldn't be surprise if the professional fundraisers have their own layer of cost. Sure they add more value than they cost, but you can't replace a CG boat with sausage sizzles at Bunnings. You get some pro's on board, they make it happen... for a %

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23 minutes ago, KM... said:

They face gobsmacking regulatory related costs us recreational don't.

A lot of that regulation demands using $1000 dohicckys when a $100 dohiccky would do exactly the same job. The difference between the 2 dohicckys is often only a sheet of paper.

speaking of regulatory stuff, I see Keith Manch (ex cop), who made  a mess of Maritime NZ is now director and chief executive of Civil Aggravation, whilst the new CE of MNZ is an ex RAF pilot(https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/about/people/chief-executive.asp), all of which makes perfect sense if you live on another planet....

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You’re also forgetting that this is the NZ marine services industry so you need to allow for an excessive number of ‘experts’ who all add big margins and continuous delays but very little value and need to do each job 2-3 times before they finally remember to look up a ‘how to’ video on the internet to learn how to finish the job they started 9 weeks ago.

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Looking for a backup generator for a plant. 

Standard unit, 1 year warrenty.

Oh you wanted a 5 year warrenty? certinaly, that'll be another $32K please Sir



Yep, pieces of paper get very expensive very quickly


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