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Mansion House Wharf

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Popped into Mansion House Bay yesterday - first time for a while. The view into the bay to me is dominated by the new large shiny black and white topped piles on the wharf - they are so incongruous they almost pulse.  

Wonder which landscape architect/visual amenities expert/planning consultant came up with that one.

To me is an absolute shocker and detracts from the whole character of the bay.

DOC should be ashamed of itself.

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I think they use them as they are not wood and are sand filled after being driven in to the seabed?  So don't rot and last longer? KM will know. All the new ones in Westhaven are the same.

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Sleeved steel which is backfilled with assorted goodies depending on useage.

Effective in use but eyesores for sure.

Pine piles were OK but now it's plantation pine it's become very soft, wears inconsistanly and is basicly now sh*t. So moved to hardwoods like Turpentine and others but they have to be imported, are costly and there is the growing resistance to chopping down old trees, especialy slow growing hardwoods.

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Just now, Steve Pope said:

all the wooden ones in WHG mooring area had plastic sleeves fitted over them with the gap between the pile and the plastic filled with (sand?)

sand or a motar mix.

Trying to extend their life span. Each one costs around 5K to replace.

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Not the plastic I was concerned about - the inappropriate colours are what pushed my buttons.  Natural toning's with the beautful background including the Mansion House, marred by these large garish shiny black and white things. Surely a soft green or brown would be more in keeping in an area of high visual amenity and large public attention.

Should have taken a photo!


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