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Transporting a 14metre mast.

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Get hold of Singapore Airlines, they know how to do it.

A year or 10 back our place was next door to Tim Willets Spars where he built the, at the times, world leading spars for a few classes, one being Finn's (from a shady memory). The Worlds were coming up and Tims gear was in hot demand. We saw him packing up 2 rigs using a good 100mts of red 'fragile' tape to do to so. All good but a few weeks later........ Tim being the bundle of joy he was when things weren't going well {insert Tui advert here} we saw him merrily (Yeah right) running around like a loony packing 2 more rigs. When asked 'Why the panic?' we were told Singapore Airlines (I may have exact airline wrong, it was  many splifs and rums ago) to be told 'Singapore Airlines thought they would save me over length charges so they cut the rigs in 1/2'


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