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No not the papers the boat.

Coming in from racing on Sunday and saw a 30fter +/-, a fawn like colour, called Zig Zag setting up for a yacht. What a sweet looking things she was with her black mini square top. Nice lines and all on proportion, very nice.

Anyone know anything about her like designer and so on?

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14 hours ago, Kick Ass said:

I think it is the old unitec, Elliott design

That's what we thought as well but bits just didn't seem right.

Maybe it's had some work done to her, she is looking very shiny and was pulling up new cloth as we past. She was looking real nice, in proportion and nice lines. We'd spend a bit of the drifting moment critiquing the gawd awful after thought tacked on flying bridges.


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2 minutes ago, Deep Purple said:

Yep, same boat K8512

Trubi bought the old Unitec2 and has probably upgraded it. It never seemed to perform as good as it should

He is also rebuilding Elliphunk at the moment

Cheers. Maybe he's been tickling it. We thought that but then thought Na, it looks a good cut n polish, new graphics and the flash new black cloth tricked up.

I stubbed my toe on Eli's keel last week, it's a lot shorter than I would have expected...... but not for long ;)

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